SHIB Beta Launch Hits Metaverse Amid Controversy and BitBoy Skepticism

• SHIB recently faced issues due to controversy surrounding the Shibarium code, but its layer 2 network’s beta launch is set to hit the metaverse this week.
• YouTube influencer BitBoy called out SHIB’s lead developer for his skepticism of the meme coin.
• BitBoy is involved in a court case against crypto influencers for promoting a failed project and he claims that the founder of SHIB has ties to SBF.

SHIB Controversy

The popular meme coin SHIB recently faced issues due to the controversy surrounding the Shibarium code. But the latest on the layer 2 network is that its beta launch will hit the metaverse this week.

BitBoy Skepticism

But while anticipation grows within the community, some crypto enthusiasts are seemingly unaffected. In a recent development, famous YouTube influencer BitBoy shared his skepticism of SHIB, causing the lead developer to call him out.

Lawsuit Against Influencers

The real beef according to Kusuma is a court case against Ben Armstrong (aka Bitboy) and others for promoting crypto projects. Adam Moskowitz is leading U.S residents and other plaintiffs against Armstrong, Kevin Paffrath, and Erika Kullbergm in this lawsuit which alleges that they deceived investors into spending money on FTX.

BitBoy Countersuit

However, BitBoy shared a tweet stating that he’s excited about the lawsuit as he’ll countersue the plaintiffs and their lawyers to prove his non-involvement in FTX. He also claims that Shiba Inu’s principal founder has links with SBF.


This case follows a trend of lawsuits against popular influencers who made money from promoting failed crypto projects and it remains to be seen what comes from it all in terms of outcomes or settlements between parties involved in this dispute over FTX investments